We are open! Visit us Tuesday through Saturday, or call ahead for curbside pickup. (315) 348-6180

Toad Abodes – The library flower beds have an overabundance of slugs and a lack of natural predators. To help encourage the natural ecosystem, we will be making some Toad Houses! We are looking for some volunteers to decorate terra cotta pots with non-toxic materials. After the pots are decorated, they are flipped upside-down and propped up with some rocks to create a cave-like house. You may decorate 1 pot and return it to the library, or decorate 2 pots and keep one for your home. Stop by the library for more details! Extra: Check out this article from the National Wildlife Federation.

Thanks for a great summer!  Congratulations to all of our gift card winners! Norbert, the widow dragon, got all of his scales and many, many stars thanks to our Reading Challenge participants. Together, we read 11,120 minutes. That is over 185 hours! We had an awesome animal encounter with Zoo New York, and a great visit with local author, Shauna Parkinson, and Rhea, the Library Dog. We purchased a copy of Ms. Parkinson’s book for the children’s section. Rhea, the Library Dog, works with a staff member at Carthage Free Library. If you visit their library on the right day, you might get to say hello!

We are slowly adding the video recordings of our Dungeons & Dragons Virtual Chats with regional Dungeon Masters to the Lyons Falls Library YouTube channel. If you have suggestions for future virtual content, please reach out to us!

We are looking for fundraising volunteers to join our Friends of the Library group. If you are interested in supporting your local library in this way, please speak to the librarian. Time commitments are on an at will basis.