The Lyons Falls Library is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. We are open to monetary and physical good donations. If you have a large book donation, please call ahead to be sure we have the room to sort it. The generosity of our community is what keeps us going!

Donations we love:

Books! Gently used, free of excessive dust, no water damage or mildew spots please. Newer and/or popular titles are added to the library collection as needed. Duplicate copies of titles we already have may be donated to other local libraries, or sold in our book sale. All book sale profits go back to buying new books and materials for the collection.

Magazines! Newer issues are made available to patrons, old issues become paper craft supplies. We also give older magazines to community members looking to do their own crafting, collaging, or other projects.

Arts and Crafts Supplies! We use these for programs and projects, both in person and take home kits.

Office and Cleaning Supplies!


If you have something in mind that you think we could use, please call! The librarian can let you know if we would have a use for your items, or if we know of an alternative location that may be in need. Past donations have include stuffed animals, knitting patterns, holiday decorations, STEM related children’s toys, sheet music, and other exciting items.